R&D Organisation

R&D Organisation

Is your R&D still up-to-date?

Do you find yourself in a position to take today's challenges and to be prepared for the future?

The Competence Centre R&D Management provides support for the targeted creation and optimization of processes and the organization of your R&D department. Based on the identification of weaknesses and potentials we outline individual improvement measures, develop concepts, and support their implementation.

R&D Organisation

  • Creation and development of the R&D organization
  • Build-up of an advance development
  • Integrated development of services, products and production processes
  • R&D cooperation and networks

R&D Efficiency

  • R&D Assessment
  • Performance measurement of the R&D with R&D indicators
  • Lean development for an efficient and effective Product development

Integrated Management of Innovations

  • Innovations: Strategy, processes and methods
  • Low-Cost Innovation
  • Eco-Innovation
  • Open Innovation – Innovation in the web