Strategic R&D Management

The long-term planning and the management of various environment signals, which often seem contrary, are problems that mostly are not solved satisfyingly. The creation of strategies, the application of specific technologies and projects in Research and Development are low substantiated and further based on short- and medium-term factors. The most important trends appear as blurred, hardly perceivable signals or even worse, when it is already too late: competitors have shorter time-to-market or new technologies replace current solutions.

The perspective of the strategic R&D Management is to put the identification of significant technologies, the planning of R&D programs, and the project portfolios on a strong and thought out basis. Important measures are the analysis and evaluation of technology fields or particular technologies and furthermore the elaboration and planning of the strategic R&D perspectives. We have a broad basis in competencies and networks to support you in the following areas:

  • Development of R&D strategies
  • Program planning for R&D and portfolio management
  • Development and implementation of R&D strategies
  • Planning of R&D and technologies
  • Identification and evaluation of technology options
  • Analyses of markets and potentials for new technology-product combinations
  • Introduction of methods for R&D and technology planning, which includes technology roadmaps, technology assessment and technology scenarios
  • Development and implementation of technology strategies