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We are an interdisciplinary team with competences of engineering and economics that works for the creation of modern Research & Development and Innovation.

Research and Development Management

Focus of consulting and research:

We support enterprises in mastering new challenges such as shorter product life cycles, more complex products and processes, as well as globalisation and increasing customer requirements.

Depending on the requirements we offer our partners and customers performance in seminars, workshops and assessments that can extend to long term consulting and implementation.

Take advantage of our long-time international experience in R&D Management!


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R&D Management for Malaysian SMEs

Joint research project between Fraunhofer IAO and SIRIM reaches final milestones

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A roadmap to success for companies

Case study investigates the strategic use of roadmaps within companies

Visit from South Australia

A South Australian delegation around Kyam Minister Maher MP visited on 11.26.2015 the Fraunhofer IAO to strengthen the cooperation. The representatives of the delegation were informed about new research results of the Institute on the subject medical technologies for the care, Urban Systems Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing & Industry 4.0.

Furthermore they were guided by the pioneering laboratories of the Centre for Virtual Engineering, the model factory of IAO and the laboratories by the colleagues at the Fraunhofer IPA.

Background of the visit of the minister, is the long-standing cooperation of the Fraunhofer IAO with the Government of South Australia. They showed interest in cooperation between industry and the Fraunhofer Institutes. The representatives are aware of the importance of industrial 4.0 and see the potential to adapt the methods. Other areas of interest include smart city and intelligent infrastructures.

Chinese investors visiting the Fraunhofer IAO

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On July 3 and July 10, 2015, a Chinese delegation consisting of bankers and investors visited the Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart in order to gain insight into the practical implementation of industry 4.0. Fraunhofer experts reported on the current state of research and the opportunities of the future project industry 4.0.
In addition to lectures and case studies from companies, there was a tour of the Industry 4.0 laboratories as well as of the House of Knowledge.

In an interview, investors emphasized both the differences and the similarities of interests.
On the one hand, there are quite different conditions in Germany compared to China. Other laws are valid and labor relations are very differently. So unlike in Germany, in China there are no defined rules affecting data protection, the consumer’s data is freely accessible.

On the other hand, both countries have the same goal: they both rely on a more long-term strategy and do not only aim at the shortest, highest possible profit.

At the current state, industry 4.0 is not very high ranked on the agenda of Chinese companies. However, you can see the trend that more and more Chinese companies follow the industry-related developments in industrialized countries. Research programs, such as industry 4.0, are also in China in the planning, among other things "Made in China 2025". Thus, the Chinese government wants to increase the efficiency and quality of products, which include the development of innovation-driven industry.